About Me

My name is Rosa Beck and I was born and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia. I am a daughter, sister, wife, and a mother to two wonderful children. My first birth 26 years ago inspired an intense interest in the birthing experience which led me to discovering my passion through my training and work as a Doula. Through my work as a Doula, I am able to use my maternal instincts in guiding women through the miraculous journey of birth. I whole-heartedly believe in the power and energy of women supporting women and I am a proud member of DONA International. My mission as a Doula is to bring my heart and hands to every delivery in order to be the emotional, physical, and informative support that birthing women may rely on during their pregnancy.

 Past Work and Certifications:

-DONA International course taken in 2012, certified in 2016.


-Volunteer Doula with Youth Parenting and Pregnancy Program with Vancouver Coastal Health 2012-2017



“I attended  a prenatal young Moms program and met Rosa as one of the volunteer Doulas at the program . Being a first-time Mom I was very nervous to give Birth and I asked Rosa if she would be able to help me through my Birthing . At the time of my Birth she was very patient , helped me feel as comfortable as I could and also very supportive through the process. I was very Blessed to have had her there to help me through a new experience in my life. Thank you Rosa!”
– Angelica